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Best Golf Bags Reviews & Guides 2020

Golf bag

Types of golf bags:

Golf bags can be divided into two main separate categories, stand bags and cart bags. Before determining which style would be the best fit for you, you must first consider how you typically get around the course. Someone who walks the golf course and carries their bag will be most suited for a stand bag. On the other hand, someone who mostly rides in golf carts would likely prefer a cart bag.

There is a third style of golf bag called a Sunday bag which is the most minimalist golf bag that you can get. A Sunday bag is designed to carry a handful of clubs and a small amount of gear. This type of setup is great for walking a couple holes or even playing a par three course. This is the least popular of the types of golf bags because of its lack of storage space for clubs and gear.

Stand Golf Bags:

As the name describes, a stand golf bag will have a two leg stand that pops out at a moment’s notice which allows the player to set their bag down when they’re about to hit a shot. Stand golf bags are designed to be carried for long periods of time so they are lighter than cart bags and will have double shoulder straps for ease of walking.


  • Lightweight
  • Mobile for walking golfers
  • Stable when resting on stand
  • Double shoulder straps


  • Can become heavy when filled with gear
  • Doesn’t fit in a cart as well as a cart bag
  • Typically won’t have individual club storage spots

Cart Golf Bags:

Cart golf bags are designed to be left on a push cart or motor cart and not meant to be carried around the golf course. Cart bags will be much larger than stand bags which means they’ll have plenty of storage space for all the gear you could need. Although they will be more cumbersome, a cart bag is the best option for those who don’t walk the course.


  • Plenty of storage space
  • Great fit for carts
  • Improved organization for golf clubs


  • Can be bulky
  • Will become heavy when loaded with gear
  • Cannot be easily carried around the golf course

Key Features of a Golf Bag:

Now that you’ve determined which type of golf bag is the best for you, it’s time to consider which features will most benefit you. There are some components that come standard with a golf bag like a golf ball pocket and towel holder but other details like a protective valuables pocket or a cooler pocket should be considered.

For the golfer that likes to have beverages with them, a cooler pocket is a great addition to the golf bag. You can find this type of pocket in stand and cart bags. Rangefinder pockets that are easily accessible are also a great addition to any bag.

On the outside of the bag, it’s important to look for various pocket sizes. A large pocket will hold extra apparel like rain gear or an extra shirt. Smaller pockets will hold things like tees and ball markers. Think about the gear you use during a round of golf before buying a golf bag.

Best Stand Golf Bags

#1 TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand Golf Bag

The TaylorMade Golf 2019 Select Stand golf bag features a unique 7-way padded pocket organization. Full length dividers keep your clubs separated from one another to the bottom of the bag making it easier to put clubs in and pull clubs out. The dual strap system includes padding and adjustability to stabilize the carrying process. This stand bag features 6 pockets to separate your gear including a large apparel pocket and velour lined valuables pocket.  

TaylorMade includes their anti-split stand system in order to offer a secure bag stance. Their are grab handles on the top and spine of the bag to make quick carrying as easy as can be. There is a matching rain hood included with this model which will protect your golf clubs during rainy and wet rounds.

#2 Cobra Ultralight Stand Golf Bag

The Cobra Ultralight Stand Bag is an incredibly lightweight option for golfers who enjoy carrying their golf bag. It weighs only 4.5 lbs and features a double adjustable carry strap system. The Ultralight golf bag features 8 different pockets for all of your tees, balls, gloves, and everything else. Among the pockets is a fleece lined pocket for your valuables like a cell phone or wallet. The top is divided into 5 sections with full length club dividers to separate each section of clubs.

The Cobra Ultralight golf bag features their EASYflex base technology which increases contact with the turf for a more stable resting position. This golf bag has coolflow foam which maximizes comfort and breathability. This is the best lightweight golf bag with a high amount of storage. Finally, the Cobra Ultralight will come with a matching rain hood to protect your clubs. 

#3 TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

The TaylorMade 5.0 is one of the best golf bags available today because of its features and weight. This is a stand golf bag that weighs only 4.1 pounds which makes it a breeze to carry for 18 holes. This stands of the golf bag include foot pads to ensure that the bag won’t slip when in wet conditions. A matching raincover will keep your clubs dry during rainy days. The TaylorMade 5.0 has a cart compatible bottom to make it a convenient fit on all golf carts and push carts.

 The dual shoulder straps are contoured to the golfer and will allow for a more comfortable walk. Along with ergonomic shoulder straps, the TaylorMade 5.0 also features side padding to relieve pressure points when walking and carrying. The top of the bag boasts a 4-way organizer to keep your clubs in order. This allows you to use separate pockets for irons, wedges, and woods. There are six pockets on the sides of the bag which allows you to separate all of your gear and personal items.

#4 Titleist Players 4 Stand Golf Bag

The Titleist Players 4 Golf Stand Bag is one of the best lightweight stand bags on the market. This golf bag weighs only 3.8 lbs which makes it easy to carry for a full round of golf. Even though it’s lightweight, it still features 6 pockets including a full length apparel pocket, a rangefinder pocket, and a pocket for a water bottle. The top of the bag has only four club dividers but they have full length dividers to separate each compartment. The Players 4 bag includes two handles for easy carrying.

This stand bag has high-grade aluminum legs for great stability and durability. Along with maximum stability on the ground, the Players 4 bag also offers increased stability on the shoulders with their self-balancing strap system. The self-balancing system ensures that the shoulder straps adjust to every player as they walk. The shoulder straps also feature dual-density foam for a comfortable carrying experience.

#5 Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 Stand Golf Bag

The Ogio Shadow Fuse 304 is a lightweight golf bag with focus on mobility and comfort. This bag includes a wide variety of unique features for the golfer who spends a lot of time walking the course. This Ogio bag has only four club compartments but it features a carry handle for easy quick moves. The Shadow Fuse 304 has five zippered pockets including a water-resistant and fleece lined pocket for your valuables. The fabric used for this bag is water resistant, durable, and lightweight.

The quick access pockets make it convenient for the player to retrieve their rangefinder or water bottle while they are walking with their bag on their back which is a great benefit to any player that walks and carries their bag. High quality aluminum legs offer stability when the bag is in a resting position.

 Best Cart Golf Bag

#1 Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Golf Bag

The C-130 golf bag is Sun Mountain’s best-selling cart bag. This cart bag is focused on providing players with the best possible experience that they can get from a cart style golf bag. This golf bag features a unique 14 compartment organization with separators for each pocket in order to keep each club seperate from another. The C-130 includes three utility handles to make it easy to move around quickly and a Smart Strap System for comfortable carrying from the parking lot to the golf cart. This cart bag boasts 10 pockets for an incredible amount of storage. Two of the pockets are velour lined to protect valuables like a cell phone or rangefinder.

The C-130 bag from Sun Mountain includes their Smart Strap System which attaches the bag to the golf cart using velcro and prevents the bag from twisting while on the cart. All 10 of the pockets on this bag are reachable while the golf bag is on the cart. This bag will include a matching raincover to keep your clubs dry on those rainy days. The C-130 is one of the best cart golf bags you can get because of its ability to hold and organize a large quantity of gear while still being an effective golf bag.

#2 Ogio Alpha Convoy 514 Cart Golf Bag

The Alpha Convoy 514 from Ogio has a 14-way organizer that will keep all of your clubs separate from one another and includes an XL putter well. This cart bag is made with 600D cordura ecomade fabric which is a polyester fabric that has been made from recycled water bottles and is designed to be abrasion resistant and anti-tearing. Three strategically placed handles make this bag easy to maneuver on and off the cart. Included on the bag is a magnetic towel holder which allows you to take your towel off and put it back on quickly. This bag comes with a removable hard case that can hold a rangefinder or anything else you’d want to protect. 

The Alpha Convoy 514 has an incredible amount of storage space and pockets that allow you to keep your gear exceptionally organized. Their MOD Storage System allows you to create your own custom setup. Included in their wide variety of pockets is a fleece lined valuables pouch that will keep any important personal items safe and secure. If you’re looking for a durable cart golf bag with plenty of storage options, this may be the one for you. The Alpha Convoy is made for the golfer who appreciates and values top performing gear. This bag is offered in a wide variety of color options to please any golfer.

#3 Founders Club Premium Golf Cart Bag

The Founders Club Premium cart bag has a technologically advanced 14-way rubberized club organization which prevents your clubs from hitting each other when riding in the cart. Each club has its own spot so you always know where each club is when you need it. This cart bag has three total handles from the top to the bottom to make it easy to lift anywhere. Whether you’re taking it out of the car or putting it on your cart, the strategically placed handles make it a more convenient process. The strap channel holds the golf cart strap for a secure bag throughout the entire round.

In total, this bag has 9 zippered pockets and 2 mesh pockets to store any gear that you could need. A drainable beverage cooler pocket allows you to take your favorite drinks with you on the go while the velour valuables pocket keeps your important items safe. This bag offers everything you’d expect from a cart bag and more. This bag comes in several different color options but the majority of the bag will be black no matter which color option you choose.

#4 Cobra Ultralight Golf Cart Bag

The Cobra Ultralight is one of the most light cart golf bags available today at only 5.3 lbs. The Ultralight cart golf bag features a cart strap pass-through system that allows you to access every pocket of your bag when it’s strapped securely to the cart. The 14-way club division system keeps your clubs separate from one another and allows you to know quickly where each one rests. The single shoulder strap and rubberized top handles assists in moving the bag quickly.

This bag has impressive storage space with 13 total pockets including a fleece lined valuables pocket and a cooler pocket for all of your favorite drinks. In addition, dual oversized apparel pockets will hold any extra clothing that you need to bring with you. This golf bag offers all of the essential storage space and cart security that you’d expect in a lightweight package. This bag comes in several different simple designs.

#5 Taylormade Select Cart Golf Bag

The Taylormade Select is a classic cart golf bag. This bag features 14 golf club compartments and an additional XL well for a putter or umbrella. Among the club storage is two handles with rubberized grips for easy lifting of the golf bag. The Select cart bag has oversized front facing pockets for increased storage space and a velour lined pocket for your valuables. The seven pockets in total makes it easy for you to separate all of your gear.

This is a simple cart bag with all of the essential features that you would expect. The front right side of the bag includes a velcro glove holder and a metal towel holder. Along the base of the bag is a carrying strap that makes it easy to lift in and out of the trunk. This bag is offered in several different color combinations to fit the tastes of any player.


Why do you need a golf bag?

Every golfer needs a golf bag in order to carry the fourteen clubs that make up a set. In addition to golf clubs, a golfer will also need to carry balls, tees, gloves, a rangefinder, a towel, and more. Finally, golf courses require that each player has their own set of clubs which includes a golf bag.

Are there women’s golf bags?

For the most part, mens and womens golf bags are only separated by the different color options that is offered for that golf bag model. Most golf bags are unisex and can easily be used by anyone.

What type of golf bag is best for me?

Someone who walks the golf course and carries their bag should use a stand bag because of it’s mobility and the fact that it can stand on its own almost anywhere on the course. On the other hand, someone who rides in golf carts or uses a push cart should use a cart bag because of its high storage capacity.

How long will a golf bag last?

The lifespan of a golf bag will depend on the amount of use it sees and it’s material. For a golfer that plays a couple of times a week, they will probably need a new golf bag every couple of years. For a player that plays golf every once in a while, a golf bag will last much longer than a couple of years.

Are golf bags waterproof?

Some manufacturers sell waterproof golf bags but it will come at a steeper price.

Instead of being completely waterproof, some golf bag options will feature zippered pockets that keep your important gear dry in wet conditions. Some golf bags will also be made with water resistant material to keep rain away from the inside of the bag. Finally, almost every golf bag available today will come with a water resistant rain cover that will keep your golf clubs dry during rainy rounds.

How do I properly care for my golf bag?

In order to get a long life from your golf bag, you must make sure to treat it well. It’s important to not overload the bag with gear or it could tear the pockets or straps. When carrying your clubs, make sure the straps are properly set up they way they were designed. If the bag is on a push cart or motor cart, double check that the straps are secured in the correct manor.

How should I store my golf bag?

Golf bags should be stored in a dry and temperature controlled place. If the bag is wet for a long period of time, it will affect the integrity of the material and possibly the gear inside the bag.During the off season, keep your bag inside to keep it dry and away from direct sunlight to avoid sun wear.


Now that you have learned about the main features and benefits of the best stand and cart bags, you should be equipped to make a great decision for yourself. By choosing the correct golf bag, you will be able to get the most enjoyment possible out of every round. Whether you walk or ride, your golf bag should suit your preferences and fit all of the gear you’ll need out on the golf course.