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(TOP 10) Best Golf Putters Review And Guides 2020

best golf putter

If you do not have time for the details, here are our top picks for golf putter:

Importance of a Quality Putter: 

A putter doesn’t need to have a high price tag in order to roll the ball into the hole. Putters come in all shapes and forms and since each stroke is different, putting depends greatly on the personal preferences of the individual.  

Having a putter that you know will consistently help you sink more putts is key to lowering your scoring average. All of the best putters will be balanced properly and will include features that are designed to provide quality feel and consistency at impact.  

The Face of a Quality Putter: 

In order to roll a putt accurately, the putter face is important because it’s the only part of the club that contacts the ball. Putter faces will vary but the common designs are smooth, precision milled, grooved, or with an insert,  

Most commonly, a putter will have an insert made of polymer or another similar material but all options are designed to improve feel and performance. A putter insert or face design has the purpose to create topspin while rolling the ball on the intended putting line with limited amounts of golf ball skidding.    

Choosing the Correct Head Style: 

The shape and weight of the head will play a role in the consistency and accuracy of your putting stroke. Since each person’s putting stroke is unique, it’s important to understand which type fits you best.    

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Blade vs. Mallet: 


Blade putters are the traditional putter shape. Typically taking the shape of a slim rectangle, the blade style is far lighter than the mallet style. These narrow putters will hold most of the weight in the face area. 

Blade putters are generally better for experienced players who have a precise putting stroke. The blade style makes it easier for experienced players to manage putting distance and accuracy.  

Since most of the weight of a blade putter is towards the toe, the sweet spot is closer to the heel. Additionally, the toe hand weighting means blade putters are designed for players with an arcing putting stroke.  


Mallet putter heads are noticeably heavier than the traditional blade style which makes it easier for the player to keep on the intended path throughout the stroke. Mallet club heads come in various shapes and will be less likely to dig into the ground during your stroke.  

The mallet design is intended for players who would benefit from increased forgiveness and consistency. Traditionally, the weight of this type of clubhead is away from the face which increases forgiveness and creates balance.  

Putter Balance Points: 

There are two types of balance points with putters, face balanced and toe balanced. In order to determine which type of putter you have, lay the shaft in your hand with the face of the club facing straight at the sky. If the club face continues to point straight at the sky, it’s face balanced and if the club face points down to the ground, it’s toe balanced.  

The reason for these two different types of club head balances is to fit the common two putting strokes types.  

A face balanced putter is the correct choice for a player with a straight back and straight forward swing where the face points directly at the ball and target line throughout the stroke. A toe balanced putter is the correct fit for a putting stroke that opens and closes or arcs throughout the putting stroke.  

The Best Golf Putters  

1. Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 

The Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 is one of the most popular putter models from Odyssey because of it’s impressive features and performance. This model is a great choice for players of all skill levels.  

The Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 is a classic blade style putter that has been designed to meet the performance standards of the best golfers in the world. The White Hot Pro 2.0 is a black putter with a highly visible white sight line to help your accuracy.   

The White Hot insert brings a beautiful look to the face of the club and creates a nice contrast with the black color of the club head. Additionally, the insert improves the sound, feel, and performance of the putting stroke which makes this club stand out among the competition. 

This Odyssey putter insert has been created with laser milling which allows for consistent high performance. When you putt consistently, you will lower your scores and have a much better time on the course. 

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 is weighted from the heel to the toe which increases forgiveness and creates a responsive feel when rolling putts.  

Key Features: 

  • Blade style putter 
  • Black with white sight line 
  • Laser milled face insert 
  • Heel/toe weighted 

2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Series 

Odyssey has created an excellent series of putters with their Stroke Lab series. The Stroke Lab Versa putters are offered in a wide variety of head styles in order to suit the preferences of all players.  

These putters are an exceptional choice for any player and there is sure to be one that fits your needs. The Stroke Lab Putters feature an advanced weight distribution that has been developed by Odyssey to improve the overall putting stroke.  

Odyssey hasn’t missed a detail with this series and that includes the shafts of each putter which have allocated 40 grams into each end for top notch performance. Additionally, the Stroke Lab shafts are slightly stiffer with a lower torque than a standard putter shaft which makes it easier to control the heavier club head.  

These models feature the popular feel of the classic White Hot putters with dozens of micro hinges embedded across the face of the club which creates topspin for an exceptionally smooth roll.  When purchasing this putter, you will have the choice of an oversized or pistol grip based on your personal preferences.  

Any golfer can find a model from the Stroke Lab series that fits their game. These advanced putters perform among the best in the industry, giving you confidence in every stroke.   

Key Features: 

  • A large variety of club head options 
  • Stroke Lab shaft technology  
  • Dozens of micro hinges in the face 
  • Choice of grips 

3. TaylorMade Spider X  

The Spider X is the newest of TaylorMade’s popular Spider putter series. Since its release, this has been one of TaylorMade’s most popular putter models because of it’s impressive performance and attractive look.  

Although it will come at a higher price, the Spider X is a great choice for any golfer that prefers a mallet style. The head is designed with perimeter weighting and a 320g frame which provides stability during the stroke.  

TaylorMade also uses a steel frame that is 30% heavier than previous models. This added weight minimizes the twisting of the clubhead during your stroke and will increase your overall accuracy.  

TaylorMade uses their new True Path Alignment System that makes it easier for the player to visualize the intended line so they can sink more putts. The True Path Alignment System includes a white top section with a black sight line to make it easy to aim. 

The signature weight ports on the back of the Spider putters can be adjusted with the SPider X. This gives players the choice between 2g, 6g, or 12g, weights. Like previous models, this putter has a Pure Roll face insert that has been designed to be thicker and includes 45 degree grooves to produce topspin.  

Key Features: 

  • Perimeter weighting to decrease twisting 
  • True Path Alignment System 
  • Adjustable weights 
  • Improved Pure Roll insert 
  • Heavier club head 

4. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach #4 

The Huntington Beach #4 is a classic looking putter that has been made with high quality 304 stainless steel. This putter is going to be a perfect fit for the golfer that prefers a traditional blade style. 

The face of this putter has been precision milled which provides exceptional feel and consistency. Some players don’t like the bounce  of a putter with a face insert so the precision milled Huntington Beach #4 will be a more suitable option.  

Cleveland uses Tour Proven shapes for this putter head which is more square on the edges than round. The bottom of the club head says Huntington Beach Collection with a simple black line.  

The full stainless steel putter head has a single white sight line that assists the player in rolling their ball on the intended line.  

This putter has top performance and feel for a much smaller price than other big name brands. Any golfer that likes blade putter should consider the Hunting Beach #4. 

Key Features: 

  • Precision milled face 
  • Tour proven club head shape 
  • Classic look 
  • Made from 304 stainless steel 

5. Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Putter # 11 

The Soft Putter 11 from Cleveland Golf’s Huntington Beach series is a high performing mallet putter that has been created with enhancing features like a diamond CNC milling pattern and optimized center of gravity. This is an option for players who are seeking performance with forgiveness with a stainless steel club head. 

The precise CNC milling in the Huntington Beach Soft #11 has created deep grooves that provide an accurate roll with an impressively soft feel. This feature will be noticeable when you’re hitting putts and it creates a sharp look on the face. 

This putter is center shafted which means the shaft connects to the head of the club at the center. This makes it easier to address and strike the ball in the sweet spot and it will improve your overall accuracy.  

Cleveland has optimized the weight distribution in this putter which has improved the feel and stability and will make for a steadier stroke. Additionally, the weight disbursement has created a large sweet spot to improve the results of mishit putts. 

If you’re a player that uses a mallet style putter, the attractive design and top performance of the Huntington Beach #11 make it a top contender.  

Key Features: 

  • Precise diamond CNC milling 
  • Optimized sweet spot and weight disbursement 
  • Center shafted 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Attractive mallet style 

6. Odyssey Versa 9 White Hot Insert 

The Odyssey Versa 9 putter with the new and improved White Hot insert offers tour proven feel and performance. The popular White Hot Insert from Odyssey is back and better than ever with this model. 

With this insert, players can expect consistent sound, feel, and performance whenever you’re putting. The club head is similar to a traditional blade style but has a rounded backside, giving it a clean and professional look. 

High contrast alignment lines assist in proper alignment by separating the putter head into three sections, black, white, and black. This linear design allows you to visualize your intended path. From your set up to the end of your putting stroke so you can be confident that your aim is on.  

The shape of this series is inspired by tour players preferences and feedback. This putter style from Odyssey is a favorite of short game genius, Phil Mickelson.  

Key Features: 

  • White Hot face insert 
  • Tour inspired club shape 
  • Black and white alignment aiding design 
  • Professional look 

7. S7K Standing Putter 

The S7K standing putter is an advanced new putter that has the ability to stand upright on its own while the player checks to see if they have proper alignment from down the line or anywhere around the ball. With the S7K, you have an advantage that no other standard putter offers. 

According to S7K, “on putts inside 10 feet, fewer than 10% of golfers consistently line up correctly.” That all changes with this putter because of its ability to easily stand on its own, even on slopes and in a light breeze.  

Once you see that the putter is aligned, you can grab the grip and be prepared to make your stroke without needing to adjust the shaft angle which will make you more consistent and accurate than ever before. Three sight lines and an impact stroke dot helps you see your intended putt line.  

This putter has an exceptionally lightweight rubber composite grip that provides a soft feel and assists in making a pure stroke. 

If you’re like the majority of golfers in the world, you struggle to consistently make putts from 10 feet and in. Not only will the S7K help you make more putts from 10 feet or less, you’ll see improvement from everywhere on the green.  

Key Features: 

  • Stands on its own, even on uneven slopes and in light breezes 
  • See your putters alignment from behind the ball 
  • Lightweight rubber composite grip 
  • Sight lines and impact stroke dot 

8. Wilson Staff Harmonized M5 

The Harmonized mallet style putter from Wilson Staff is an inexpensive option with a sharp look. Inside the micro injected polymer face insert are multiple density areas which improve the feeling at contact.  

The large diameter grip has a vertical seam that runs the length of the back of the grip which makes the Harmonized putter easier to control than a standard putter grip would be. Additionally the soft feel grip that has been created exclusively for Wilson will create a comfortable and firm connection between your hands and the putter.  

Wilson’s Easy Alignment Design of red and white horizontal lines makes it much easier to visualize your intended target line. This visual aid will give you confidence that you’re going to be accurate.  

If you’re looking for a mallet style clubhead without the large price, you should consider taking a look at the Harmonized putter from Wilson. 

Key Features: 

  • Inexpensive  
  • Polymer face insert  
  • Large diameter grip with a vertical seam on the back 
  • Soft feeling grip 
  • East Alignment Design 

9. Pinemeadow PGX 

For players who prefer the forgiving nature of a mallet style putter head, the Pinemeadow PGX is an affordable option with helpful features. The PGX has a round head shape that is common among mallet putters. 

This putter head stands out because the top of the club is white with three black sight lines. The contrast of the white putter head in the grass makes it easier to focus on your aim and alignment at the address of the golf ball.  

The head weighs 380 grams which is heavier than most. This extra weight makes it easier to control your putting speed on fast greens.  

This putter is designed to roll the ball smoothly at impact and the face insert will prevent the ball from skidding after the putt has been hit.  

Pinemeadow’s PGX putter is an inexpensive, heavy-weighted, mallet style putter with a high contrast white head. This putter will help mid-high handicap players with their control and overall stroke accuracy.  

Key Features: 

  • Forgiving mallet style putter head 
  • Heavy 380 gram head weight 
  • Designed to roll smooth putts 
  • White club head 

10. Pinemeadow PGX XL 

The PGX XL is a popular model because of it’s mallet style and accuracy enhancing features. This putter is another one of Pinemeadow’s affordable options and is perfect for the player who wants a quality putter without the high price.  

The PGX XL has a mallet style club head that features Pinemeadow’s “Plumber Neck” offset hosel which enhances the players ability to align their putts. The offset shaft means that the putter head will be slightly set back and it will be easier to line up consistently. 

The 2X ORB alignment system features two large white circles with a dark line running through the entire club head to provide high contrasting aim assistance.  

The grip that comes on the PGX XL is black and green in order to match the club head. The grip is made with a polyurethane material that creates a firm yet soft hold all while reducing the shock of ball strike.  

The face insert of this putter will create a soft feeling ball strike that minimized the skipping of the ball on its way to the hole. You can be confident that your putt will start and stay on the correct path when you’re using the PGX XL.  

Key Features: 

  • Polyurethane grip 
  • 2X ORB alignment 
  • “Plumber Neck” offset hosel 
  • Forgiving mallet style 


1. What are the best putters for a high handicapper? 

Because of the even weight distribution and large head, mallet putters are the best putters for a high handicap player. Mallet putters are easier to control throughout the stroke than a traditional blade putter, making them a more accurate choice for a high handicap player.  

2. What is the #1 putter on PGA Tour? 

The number one putter on the PGA Tour currently is the TalyorMade Spider X7 

3. What are the benefits of a large putter grip? 

There are several key reasons that a large or oversized putter grip can improve your putting. The size of the grips lessens the impact of the club face when the ball is struck in order to get the ball started on the correct line more often. Also, a large grip involves the arm muscles in order to reduce wrist movement.  

4. What is the average putter length and which is best for me? 

The average putter length is between 32”-35”. The length of the putter that will best fit your putting stroke will depend on your posture and your wrist to ground measurement. It would be best to practice a few strokes with various sizes to find the one that feels best.