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(TOP 12) Best Golf Umbrellas Review And Guides 2020

What is a golf umbrella? 

The two main purposes of golf umbrellas are to keep golfers and their equipment dry in rainy conditions and to protect golfers from the sun’s harmful rays.  

For golfers that compete in tournaments or the weekend warriors who have a limited amount of time to play; a little bit of rain isn’t going to keep them off the golf course. Golf umbrellas are designed with these players in mind. 

Golfers who walk full rounds of golf will spend hours exposed to direct sunlight. An umbrella can limit this exposure and will make walking while playing golf more enjoyable. 

What is the Difference Between a Regular Umbrella and a Golf Umbrella? 

There are several key differences between them but the main difference is that golf umbrellas have a much larger canopy design which is intended to make it easier for the golfer to protect themselves and their clubs. 

Whether you’re walking and carrying your clubs on your shoulder or walking with a push cart, an umbrella with a large canopy makes it easier to keep yourself and all of your gear from getting wet.  

Golf umbrellas will usually also have a specialized handle that is made of rubber or another similar material to make it easier to hold onto.  

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Features to Look Out For: 

Before you decide on a golf umbrella to take out on the course with you for those rainy days, you need to be aware of important features that make seperate the best from the worst. 

It’s important to have an umbrella with a double canopy. A double canopy is a popular feature that you will often see on a golf umbrella because it allows the wind to pass through without being blown away.  

Next, a golf umbrella should have an ergonomic, non-slip handle so you can easily maneuver it. Even during a windy storm, a good handle takes away the worry of losing grip of your umbrella.  

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that it’s made with high quality materials that will repel water and withstand any weather conditions that are thrown at you. The canopy should be water resistant and strong in order to keep water from building on top.  

Fiberglass is often used on the shaft and for the ribs because it’s a strong material that can withstand strong winds but it’s very light.  

If you’re looking for a high quality umbrella, make sure that it meets these standards before you make a purchase.   

The Best Golf Umbrellas 

1. ACEIken Golf Umbrella 

The 62 inch oversize canopy is large enough to protect you and all of your golf equipment or you and another person from strong wind, heavy downpour, and the sun. This model has an automatic open function that will open the canopy at the push of a button. 

High quality fiberglass construction for the shaft and the ribs ensures that it will be lightweight but also strong. The canopy is made of ultra water resistant 210T pongee micro-weave fabric which has an SPF of 50+. 

The double canopy design combined with a steel frame allows wind to easily pass through so you can handle it with ease. It also means that it will be as effective on a windy day as it would be on a calm day 

ACEIken is so confident in their product, they include a lifetime replacement guarantee with your purchase. If anything goes wrong with your umbrella, you can reach out to them and have it replaced for free.  


  • Oversize, wind resistant double canopy 
  • Automatic open 
  • Ultra water resistant 210T pongee  
  • SPF 50+ 
  • Lifetime replacement free 
  • Color options 

2. Callaway 2015 Clean 60″ Double Canopy Umbrella 

Callaway has created an umbrella that will be sure to protect players and their golf bag from those rainy days. A simple black and white design with a large logo is a classic stylish look.  

The double canopy design works hard to repel water while the overall size provides protection. This umbrella is designed to withstand strong winds without breaking and folding.  

A fiberglass shaft makes this a lightweight golf umbrella while the handle of this model is ergonomic and non-slip molded so you can keep a solid grip.  

 This is one of the best options available because of Callaway’s attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship.  


  • Wind resistant double canopy 
  • Durable in harsh weather 
  • Large canopy 
  • Fiberglass shaft 
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle 

3. TaylorMade Golf 2017 Tour Double Canopy Umbrella 

This double canopy umbrella from TaylorMade Golf has a classic black and white look with the TaylorMade logo in large white letters. This stylish model is a great choice for any golfer that is seeking protection from the elements. 

The WindPro technology has allowed this model to withstand heavy winds without blowing away. This is an important feature because a lot of rain storms will also bring heavy rain along with them.  

If you have to walk and carry an umbrella, you’ll want it to be as light and durable as possible. The lightweight fiberglass shaft of the 2017 Tour means it will be easy to maneuver and hold onto for extended periods.  

The double canopy design means that wind will be able to easily pass through without blowing away. The canopy is made of 100% so you know it will be effective in keeping you dry.  


  • Classic look 
  • Double canopy 
  • WindPro technology 
  • Fiberglass shaft 

4. Prospo Golf Umbrella 

The Prospo Golf Umbrella is made from water resistant 210T pongee fabric and features a double canopy design. The design of this umbrella allows for wind to pass right through the canopy without bending the handle or it turning inside itself.  

The Prospo has an automatic open with the push of a button to keep you and your golf clubs dry in a moment’s notice. A fiberglass shaft and rib system allows for an easy and light carry without sacrificing strength.  

Additionally, an ergonomic handle made from a non-slip material will perform well in wet conditions. This umbrella has a one year guarantee and is offered in several color options and two canopy size options. 


  • 210T Pongee fabric 
  • Double canopy 
  • Lightweight fiberglass 
  • Ergonomic, non-slip handle 
  • Color options 
  • Rain cover with strap to connect to golf bag 
  • Two sizes 

5. Under Armour Golf Umbrella 

The Under Armour Golf Umbrella is a single canopy umbrella that is made from 100% nylon. This umbrella has a 62” canopy so you can be sure that it will protect you and your gear from the storm.  

This model has Under Armour’s UA Storm1 technology which repels water. Also, the black single canopy has a large logo on two of the sides. 

 A protective Under Armour sleeve will keep it safe in your trunk or on your golf bag. The rubber handle is textured so you can keep a strong grip on it, even in the rain. 


  • Sleek design 
  • Large canopy 
  • UA Storm1 technology 
  • Protective sleeve 
  • Nylon 
  • Textured rubber grip 

6. Titleist Golf Tour Umbrella 

The Titleist Golf Tour Umbrella is designed to protect players and their equipment in all weather conditions. A large, 68” canopy ensures that the umbrella will cover everything that needs to be covered.  

This umbrella has an ergonomic handle that allows the golfer to maintain a good grip even when it’s wet. The improved handle design makes this a great choice for poor weather conditions.  

The double canopy design lets wind pass through easily without being blown away. This means that even in the worst winds, you’ll still be able to stay dry.  


  • Large double canopy 
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • UV protection 
  • Integrated proprietary design 

7. G4 Free Golf Umbrella 

The G4 Golf Umbrella is made with high density pongee 210T cloth which is soft to the touch but will be reliable in all weather conditions. With the click of a button, the auto open canopy design will have you covered.  

The unique square design will keep golfers and their golf bag covered. The frame has been designed with durable reinforced fiberglass and a double canopy that allows it to remain windproof.   

This umbrella will come with a one year warranty so you can be certain that it will keep you protected. A non-slip rubber handle means you won’t lose your grip.  


  • Durable fiberglass  
  • Square design 
  • Umbrella cover 
  • Double canopy 
  • One year warranty 
  • Non-slip handle 
  • Color options 

8. Athletico Golf Umbrella 

The Athletico Golf Umbrella is a great choice for any golfer to keep with them in case of a rainy day. This umbrella will keep you protected from the rain, wind, and sun while you play a round of golf.  

An ergonomic rubberized grip makes it incredibly easy to hold onto in all weather conditions. The canopy is made with 210T pongee material that has been designed to be lightweight, quick drying, and UV blocking.  

The strong fiberglass frame combined with the double canopy means this umbrella will be windproof and durable for as long as you use it. This umbrella comes in several color options to suit anyone’s preferences.  


  • Rubberized ergonomic grip 
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Color options 
  • Double canopy 

9. Zomake Golf Umbrella 

If you’re looking for protection from wind, rain, UV rays, the Zomake golf umbrella is a great option. Because of the double canopy design which creates a vent in the canopy, you can hold it in strong winds. 

Made with super water-resistant, anti-slump, and lightweight materials to ensure that you have strong protection in all conditions. A high quality EVA grip will keep you comfortable the entire time you hold it, even in strong winds. 

Multiple color options so you can find the best one for you.  


  • Double canopy 
  • EVA grip 
  • Durable 
  • High quality materials 
  • Color options 

10. Hi & Dry Golf Umbrella 

The Hi & Dry Golf Umbrella features a double canopy which makes it basically windproof even in the strongest winds. No reason to worry out on the golf course because it will cover you and your equipment with the large canopy.  

This umbrella comes with a waterproof case that has a shoulder sling for easy carrying or the ability to connect it to your golf bag. The sleek black design with an orange logo will provide UV protection on sunny days.  

The EVA foam handle makes this umbrella easy to hold onto in the worst conditions. This is an incredibly durable and high performing choice for any golfer. 


  • 190T pongee material 
  • Waterproof cover with strap 
  • EVA foam handle 
  • Quick drying 

11. Callaway Golf Tour Authentic Golf Umbrella 

The Tour Authentic golf umbrella from Callaway has ventilation holes that allows wind to pass through the canopy with ease. The durable nano coated water repellent materials will keep you dry during those rainy rounds of golf.  

The single push button open is easy to operate and tension cables are built into the canopy to prevent inversion during high wind days.  

The shaft is made of fiberglass so it will be a lightweight option and not even noticeable if strapped to your golf bag. Finally, an ergonomic non-slip handle is designed to help the player maintain a sturdy grip. 


  • Ventilation holes 
  • Nano coated materials 
  • Tension cables 
  • Non-slip handle 
  • Fiberglass 

12. EEZ-Y Golf Umbrella 

The EEZ-Y Golf umbrella is made with incredibly water repellent 210T fabric that will keep you and your golf bag protected and dry during a storm. A double canopy keeps water out while allowing for wind to pass through easily. 

This umbrella will fold to an incredibly compact size which means you can easily keep it stored in your golf bag without even noticing it’s there. A fiberglass and stainless steel frame makes for a durable and strong canopy. 

The EVA non-slip handle is a great touch to this already high performing umbrella. Finally, the ability to choose multiple color options means you can find the best fit for you.  


  • Water repellent 210T fabric 
  • Double canopy 
  • Folds to compact size 
  • Fiberglass and stainless steel 
  • EVA non-slip handle  
  • Color options 

Question and Answer: 

What is the best golf umbrella to buy? 

The best golf umbrella to buy is one that features a large variety of useful features. For example, you’ll want to consider an umbrella that is made with lightweight yet high quality materials. Also, a double canopy is important to consider because it allows the wind to pass through easily without affecting the rain protection. Finally, you’ll want to be sure that the handle offers a great deal of grip in all conditions.  

What size golf umbrella is best? 

Golf umbrella size should be decided based on your needs and preferences. Golf umbrellas will typically range from 58-64 inches which should be enough to cover yourself and your equipment.  

Who makes the best umbrella? 

The best golf umbrella is difficult to determine with all of the high quality options available to golfers.Many companies offer a golf umbrella that has useful features that will help you enjoy your time on the golf course, even when it’s raining.