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(Top 5) Best Spikeless Golf Shoes Review And Guides 2020

best spikeless golf shoes

What Are They?

Spikeless golf shoes are designed to offer players all of the benefits of regular golf shoes without the addition of actual cleat spikes on the bottom of the shoes. Instead of spikes, spikeless golf shoes will typically feature a ridged sole that improves the golfer’s traction.

Spikeless golf shoes will generally be more comfortable than spiked golf shoes because they will feel more similar to a regular sneaker. Additionally, spikeless golf shoes can be worn on and off the course without looking out of place.

Benefits of Wearing Spikeless Golf Shoes:


One of the biggest advantages is the fact that they’re much more comfortable than traditional spiked golf shoes; especially on hard surfaces like a cartpath. Since there are no hard spikes in the sole of the shoe, walking in these golf shoes is similar to walking in regular sneakers.

Instead of spikes, the soles of these golf shoes will have ridges and bumps that increase traction in any lie without affecting your walking. The traction design on the bottom of spikeless golf shoes go unnoticed when walking around in public which allows you to transfer from course to clubhouse with ease.


You can now wear your favorite sneakers as actual golf shoes. For example, Nike has made their popular models like Air Max, into spikeless golf shoes to bring a youthful style to golf.

Gone are the days of all golf shoes looking the same. These golf shoes open the door for more options than ever before, all while improving comfort.

Easy to maintain:

Another reason to choose them over spiked golf shoes is because they don’t hold as much dirt and mud as spiked golf shoes do because of the way the soles are designed. Since there are no large spikes that stick off the shoes, cleaning off the bottoms of your spikeless golf shoes is incredibly easy.

Easy cleaning is convenient for golfers because it helps them keep dirt and debris out of their vehicles and homes. Additionally, clean golf shoes are more effective at providing traction than golf shoes that are filled with mud.

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Top 5 Best Men’s Spikeless Golf Shoes:

1. Puma Ignite Pwrsport

The Ignite Pwersport golf shoe from Puma is one of the top rated spikeless golf shoes available today.This lightweight golf shoe is made from textile and synthetic and includes a synthetic sole.

The strong and lightweight Powercage saddle has been designed to provide stability and support throughout the entire golf swing. The non-stretch performance mesh makes the shoe breathable while remaining waterproof making them an appropriate choice for hot temperatures and even wet conditions.

Puma didn’t skip any details with the Pwrsport and that includes the Ignite Foam that makes up the sole. The PU foam provides energy return to make for one of the most comfortable golf shoes for walking the golf course.

Puma has included what they call grip zone technology in the Pwrsport which are directional lugs that have been placed in specific locations of the bottom of the shoe for better traction and increased power.

Overall, the Puma Ignite Pwrsport is one of the best mens spikeless golf shoes available because of the combination of incredible lightweight comfort and durable waterproof features. This stylish shoe will keep golfers of all ages comfortable and dry throughout the entire round.


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable mesh
  • Comfortable
  • Increased traction
  • Color options

2. Adidas Adipower 4orged S

The Adipower 4ordged spikless golf shoe fromhas become one of the most popular spikeless golf shoes around because of it’s impressive comfort and performance. This shoe is made of textile and synthetic materials and features a comfortable rubber sole as well as a Flexible Bounce forefoot cushioning and a responsive boost midsole.

The forged microfiber leather combined with the textile upper will provide your feet with a comfortable fit throughout the entire round. Adidas uses their Puremotion spikeless outsole with Adiwear traction to provide the player with a steady stance from any lie and condition.

The Adipower 4orged is breathable which makes it a great option for those hot summer days out on the golf course. The water-repellent climatorm feature helps these shoes wick moisture but they’re not entirely waterproof.

These shoes are a great choice for golfers of all ages and they are offered in numerous color options to keep you stylish on the course. Walking or riding, these are some of the best spikeless golf shoes that you can find.


  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Breathable
  • Water-repellent
  • Color options

3. FootJoy Pro/SL

The FootJoy Pro/SL golf shoe is one of the best spikeless golf shoes for golf professionals because of their ability to transfer from the golf course to the clubhouse without sacrificing style or performance. These shoes are an excellent lightweight and stylish option for all ages.

These fashionable spikeless golf shoes are of a 100% waterproof Chromo skin performance leather to keep you dry and comfortable the whole time you’re wearing them. The perimeter weighted outsole is FootJoy’s way of keeping you stable during your swing.

The three piece outsole of this shoe combines FootJoy’s Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) with a TPU molded sole. These shoes perform on the course and at the clubhouse which makes them a perfect fit for people who work in the golf industry.

FootJoy is the number one producer of golf shoes so you know any shoe you buy from them is crafted with the golfer in mind. These shoes are offered in several different color options and are some of the best spikeless golf shoes you can find.


  • Easily transfer from clubourse to golf course
  • Waterproof
  • High quality leather
  • Stylish
  • Color options

4. Ecco Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax

TheEcco Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax is made from yak leather which makes this spikeless golf shoe strong, breathable, and weather resistant. Every pair of the Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax is treated with an anti-stain formula to protect the shoes from all conditions.

The anatomical shape of these shoes was developed by scanning the feet of over two thousand athletes to find the best level of support possible. Ecco prides themself on offering comfortable spikeless golf shoes and these are no exception.

These shoes have superior traction because of molded traction bars at all sorts of different angles to keep you stable throughout the swing from any lie. These high quality golf shoes have been proven by tour players and are a great option for any age.

The technical insole system has been designed to decrease foot movement during the swing and keep the golfer stable. The insoles are easily removable in case you’d like to transfer in your own soles.

Overall, these are some of the best spikeless golf shoes available today because they are made from high quality materials and will keep your feet comfortable and protected. These shoes come in numerous color options.


  • High quality yak leather
  • Weather resistant
  • Anti-stain formula protects the shoes
  • Comfortable
  • Great traction and stability
  • Color options

5. Nike Roshe Spikeless Golf Shoe

As far as comfortable spikeless golf shoes goes, the Nike Roshe is one of the most comfortable spikeless golf shoes that you can find. Not only are they incredibly lightweight, they’re also as breathable since they’re made of mesh.

The soles of the Nike Roshe golf shoes have been pressure mapped in order to increase traction in main areas of the shoe. This design helps the player stay stable during the entire shot.

The injected midsole is soft and lightweight so the Nike Roshe spikeless golf shoe is a great option for any player that enjoys walking the course. Since the shoe is made of mesh, these are some of the best spikeless golf shoes for hot weather.

An elastic gusset near the tongue will assist in keeping dirt and sand from entering the golf shoe which is a pet peeve of many. Additionally,  these shoes come in several different color options

The Nike Roshe is one of Nike’s most popular running shoes so it was a no brainer to bring them to the golf course. This unique combination of style and performance makes the Nike Roshe spikeless golf shoes an awesome choice.


  • Lightweight mesh
  • Stylish running shoe style
  • Pressure mapped sole for comfort
  • Stability
  • Injected midsole is soft and lightweight
  • Color options

Top 5 Best Women’s Spikeless Golf Shoes

1. Adidas Adipure Sport

The Adidas Adipure Sport is one of the best spikeless golf shoes for women because of how comfortable and lightweight they are. These shoes are highly flexible which makes them a great option for people who enjoy walking the golf course.

The aesthetics and comfort of this golf shoe have been improved by a more rounded toe and a lower height. A fitfoam PU sock liner is also included in this shoe.

With this women’s spikeless golf shoe, Adidas brings their stylish running shoe feel to the game of golf. The Adipure Sport allows golfers to stay comfortable while still looking good.

If you’re a lady golfer that is interested in trying spikeless golf shoes, these are a comfortable and stylish option. These golf shoes come in numerous different color options.


  • Style
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Highly flexible
  • Sock liner
  • Color options

2. New Balance Minimus

The New Balance Minimus golf shoe is a lightweight and breathable spikeless golf shoe and a comfortable option for lady golfers of all ages. These shoes have a breathable mesh upper section to keep your feet cool on those hot days.

The other section of these shoes is made from an ultralight synthetic material which allows them to maintain their lightweight qualities. The insole of these golf shoes are New Balance’s ortholite insole which is designed to keep your feet cool and dry during the entire round.

The Ndurance rubber outsole is very durable, especially in those high wear areas. The spikeless feature will keep the player stable during the entire golf swing.

The New Balance Minimus allows the golfer to easily transfer from the car, to the clubhouse, to the golf course with ease. This shoe brings the style and feel of a running shoe to the golf course.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally comfortable spikeless golf shoe, look no further than the New Balance Minimus. These shoes come in several different color options in order to suite player preferences.


  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Lightweight
  • Ortholite insole for improved comfort
  • Rubber outsole is durable
  • Color options

3. Skechers Eagle

Skechers shoes are known to be incredibly comfortable and their women’s Eagle spikeless golf shoes are no exception. These shoes are incredibly comfortable thanks to Skechers 5GEN cushioned foam.

Skechers includes their GOGA Max insole which is a high-rebound insole that will support the player with anything that a round of golf will throw at them. The Skechers didn’t stop there, they also included Agion insole protection to protect the inside of the shoe from odor and moisture.

These spikeless golf shoes have a more traditional golf shoe look which makes them a great option for women who work in the golf industry because they’ll allow you to go from the clubhouse to the course without needing to change shoes. 

The spikeless bottoms of these shoes have ridges and small pegs that will keep the golfer planted in the ground during the golf swing and while walking on wet terrain, visit https://katyhousecleaningtx.com/ and see more shoes. If you’re looking for a spikeless golf shoe that looks and performs like a traditional golf shoe; the Skechers Eagle womens spikeless golf shoes are a great option.

These Skechers Eagle come in several different color and design options.


  • 5GEN cushioned foam comfort
  • GOGA Max insole
  • Agion insole protection
  • Traditional golf shoe look
  • Water resistant

4. Ecco Cage Pro Gore-Tex

The Ecco Cape Pro Gore-Tex womens spikeless golf shoe is one of the best waterproof spikeless golf shoes available today. Thanks to Gore-Tex waterproof technology makes these golf shoes waterproof and protects them from the conditions while still being breathable.

These shoes are also made with Lyra which is a breathable leather. This allows your feet to stay cool and dry on those hot summer days.

These are some of the best spikeless shoe bottoms because of the Ecco Spyder-Grip. This technology provides pivot points on key areas that keep the player grounded during the swing.

Ecco also includes a DIP stability cage that runs from the heel to the toe of the shoe. This design improves the stability of the shoe and makes it one of the most stable spikeless golf shoes that you can find.

A removable sole in this shoe makes it easy for a player to replace the sole with a custom sole that fits their foot. These shoes are available in wide fit and come in multiple color options.


  • Gore-Tex waterproof technology
  • Breathable Lyra leather
  • Spyder-Grip bottom with pivot points
  • DIP stability from heel to toe
  • Removable sole
  • Available in wide
  • Color options

5. Puma Ignite

The Ignite golf shoe is one of Puma’s most popular spikeless models because of the lightweight comfort. These shoes are perfect for players that enjoy walking because of the incredibly comfortable Ignite Foam combined with the light synthetic material.

Another detail that is perfect for walkers is the fact that these shoes are waterproof which means you don’t have to worry about keeping your feet dry on those wet days.

These shoes have been designed with inspiration from classic golf shoe designs combined with an athletic shoe for ultimate comfort and style.

If you’re looking for waterproof spikeless golf shoes that will keep you comfortable and dry while you walk the links; the Puma Ignite will be a great choice for you.


  • Lightweight foam provides comfort
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Stylish
  • Color options

Question and Answer

Are spikeless golf shoes waterproof?

Not all spikeless golf shoes will be waterproof but there are plenty of spikeless waterproof options available.

Do they make spikeless golf shoes for juniors?

There are plenty of spikeless golf shoe options for juniors.

Are spikeless golf shoes as effective as spiked golf shoes?

Generally speaking, you won’t notice a difference of effectiveness between spiked and spikeless golf shoes. Spikeless golf shoes will have bottoms with ridges and traction points that keep the player stable.

Are spikeless golf shoes more comfortable?

Many golfers feel that the spikeless golf shoes are more comfortable than spiked golf shoes because the spikeless shoes closely resemble athletic shoes and they allow you to be flat on the ground.

Do pros use spikeless golf shoes?

Yes, PGA Tour professionals like Justin Rose and Adam Scott will wear this style of footwear during competitive rounds.

Can you wear spikeless golf shoes anywhere?

The great thing about this style of golf shoe is that you can wear them anywhere. You can put them on before you leave the house and take them off when you get home without an issue.

What is the most comfortable spikeless golf shoe on the market?

The most comfortable golf shoes on the market are typically brands like FootJoy, Ecco, and Skechers.